Who to blame.

24 Aug

It’s always been said that at the end of a situation it’s always your fault and you shouldn’t blame others. But how about if someone told you to do something intentionally to hurt you and you come to find out after its been done? I quit my job about two months ago and I did it because my sister told me just do it. Now I have come about so many things that have backfired due to this. I can’t qualify for unemployment and even worse financial aid. I should start making my own decisions.


First night

18 Aug

So yesterday was my official night bartending, practically alone. At first I was extremely busy and then at about 2 a.m. it did slow down. There were 2 drinks I didn’t quite know which was Cosmo and Margarita. It was a bit discouraging at about 2 just because the male bartender at my bar had tons of clients and they refused to order their drinks with anyone else but him. The time seemed to go extremely slow after that. The night wasn’t all that bad. Made drinks, met Freddy and Cheryl (which were awesome with me), had great customers, one annoying drunk guy, and one very cute guy 😉 I didn’t make as much tips as I was expecting but I can’t complain.

New “career”

17 Aug

It’s been over a month that I left my job of over 3 years. I have now received my bartender certification and it is very different from what I am used to. I found a job within two weeks of receiving my certification which is great. It’s so hard to be excited just because I have no one supporting me on this decision. I am trying to make the best out of it because it’s pretty fun. The schedule I know I am obligated to have now does not bother me one bit. I can attend school while also doing my hours. As for my “social life” yea I really don’t have one of those because of the acquaintances that I have in my life. But tomorrows my first official day with my own bank and practically on my own so good luck to ME. 😀

Dependent vs Independent

17 Aug

At a very young age I was brought up practically to be independent. My parents were always working and I was left on my own. I have grown up to be extremely independent unlike the rest of my friends or people I associate myself with to be exact. I can wash my own clothes, make my own money, pay my own bills, cook (small things), clean, etc. I love the fact that I have never needed anyone to assist me and fend for myself. It feels great to know that I can be left alone and be able to handle all the struggles that life does shoot at us.
But then sometimes I look at those who I know that are not independent and sort of get a sense of jealousy. They have everything given to them on a silver platter. I can speak to them about how I have to wash clothes and they give me the clueless look and question “You know how to wash your clothes?” Like really? Or still asking their parents for money, paying their bills, taking them shopping, etc. (I speak of girls 21+)
It’s crazy to know the differences. I am very grateful of the way I was brought up but sometimes I would like some spoiling.