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Now I remember why…

1 Nov

So today has opened my eyes to once again me assuring myself on why I got the job I have today as a bartender. I’ve been so down lately because I have lost my social life and finally got to request today off (Halloween) and apparently no one is doing anything, everyone is being a complete bore.

Should have never requested this day off.


Change isn’t always good.

31 Oct

So as I’ve mentioned before I started bartending at a club which is definitely a huge change into what I used to do. It has become so difficult for me. I feel much more tired, not enough sleep, no social life, and very little time for me and the things I enjoy to do. I’ve been applying as part time in a few ads but no response just yet. I really hope someone calls and it ends up being a good outcome for me. I need a change in my life asap. I can not continue to be this way with myself.



New “career”

17 Aug

It’s been over a month that I left my job of over 3 years. I have now received my bartender certification and it is very different from what I am used to. I found a job within two weeks of receiving my certification which is great. It’s so hard to be excited just because I have no one supporting me on this decision. I am trying to make the best out of it because it’s pretty fun. The schedule I know I am obligated to have now does not bother me one bit. I can attend school while also doing my hours. As for my “social life” yea I really don’t have one of those because of the acquaintances that I have in my life. But tomorrows my first official day with my own bank and practically on my own so good luck to ME. 😀