Midlife Crisis

21 Apr

I know I am not even close to be considered “old” but all I see is all the girls my age getting engaged or pregnant. I am greatly happy for all of them and their new upcoming futures but…

is there something wrong with me? Is it that I must change things within myself in order to be loved the proper way? I’ve dated quite a few and they just all go wrong. I still don’t know what the actual issue is and I need help figuring it all out.

The other day I also had a small procedure done…hoping its not cancerous. What will I do with myself if it is? I don’t believe I am strong enough to deal with something like that. I don’t really have anyone that would actually be there but my own mother. It’s sad when I sit and realize how I really have no one to depend on or lean on.

Hopefully the results turn out well…if not, I don’t know how I would actually live with myself.


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