Change for me.

15 Sep

Why can’t he just change?

Why can’t he just see my point of view?

Why can’t he just do or notice what really is right rather than trying to avoid the ideas that I do give him?

Anyone can read this and surely say “just let it go” but damn I have NEVER had to chase anyone but him. I’m still trying to pin point what it is about him that has me hoooked. Why is it that I’m always the one that feels stressed out while he is well all dandy. Is it because I’m a girl and I’m all full of emotions? I try to act so tough and give him what I guess you can say ultimatums and threaten him that I am seeing other people or doing all this stuff and it literally flies right above his head. I don’t get it. He doesn’t like to work for anything. He wants everything just handed to him. It’s even funny to think that after his final text today saying that he gives up because I wanted a relationship counseling appointment that I wouldn’t doubt he would have a girl over his house giving him his needs. So irritating to know his every last move and how this really adds up to “Stephanie, just let it go.”

Oh, how I wish you would do a miraculous change, for me for once.


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